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Purchasing a property can be quite frustrating whether it be your first home or an investment property. Below are some helpful tips to consider.

Set Your Limits

It is important that you ascertain how much you are able to spend. This may involve you speaking with your lender to assist you with your budgeting.  This will eliminate the stress of selecting properties that are not within range.

Establish Your Needs and Wants

When searching for that perfect home or property it is important that you prepare a list of what you NEED and what you WANTS.

Many purchasers often miss out on potentially suitable properties by confusing their needs with wants. By preparing a list and providing it to our agency, we will be able to tailor our services and find you a property that caters your your needs and wants as best we can.

Needs could be a certain number of bedrooms, a certain number of bathrooms or even storage. Wants could include a swimming pool, ducted air conditioning or ducted vaccum.

Committing to a purchase

Once the right property for you has been found, it will be time to negotiate and get the property for the right price to enable you to exchange contracts for sale and commence the purchase transaction.

Generally, and unless waived, there will be a cooling off period between 5-10 days to enable you the opportunity to get legal advice and do any required searches.

Three Buyers Tips

Set Your Limits
Establish your needs and wants
Committing to Purchase

Need Finance

Our team can also connect you with the financial support you need to complete your transaction.